Winners from 2016


Grades 3-5 Winner

Sophia – found spinoffs at home and school – insulation, advanced
smoke detectors and improved radial tires; invented a new coat that uses
a hair dryer and solar technology to keep people warmer in the winter.

OPSPARC 2016 Grades 3-5 Winner - Glog thumbnail



Grades 6-8 Winner

Heidi, Katherine, Jasmine and Aubrey – created a compact tent that
uses phase-change material to shelter refugees and homeless people.

OPSPARC 2016 Grades 6-8 Winner - Glog thumbnail



Grades 9-12 Winner

Jake, Alexander, Isabel, and Issac – created an eco-friendly 
way to cool buildings using JWST’s sunshield coating.

OPSPARC 2016 Grades 9-12 Winner - Glog thumbnail



Team Aegis

Team Aegis and a tour of their winning Team World
for 2015-2016 InWorld OPSPARC.


“My journey with OPSPARC began in my 10th grade science research class. This contest is designed for kids that like to think outside of the box. The thought of designing a spinoff of the HUBBLE’s successor was both overwhelming and exhilarating. OPSPARC taught me many valuable skills which I will never forget. For example, I learned how to build 3D models on Sketchup and work collaboratively on a project with people across the country. Ultimately, the OPSPARC competition provided me with ever-lasting friendships, ever-lasting memories, and ever-lasting knowledge.”

High School Student, New York

“I inserted the NASA OSPARC project into the science research class as a way to get students to think more critically and for them to become more interested in entering competitions. I chose OSPARC because it was set up in a way that allowed students the freedom to come up with some original ideas within the parameters that were set and I liked that it was a national challenge.

My students learned more about doing research by researching the Webb space telescope and what it was made of and they also learned how to better collaborate and work toward a common goal and how to present ideas to each other and a panel of judges.

This project is a great way to get students to be more global and critical thinkers. It got students excited about the possibility of their work becoming real with the help of the NASA OSPARC team!”

High School Teacher, New York

“The resources and project can transform your classroom. OPSPARC completely aligns with PBL and personalization of student instruction. My students gained an immeasurable amount of experience from participating in this project. It started with the research piece, then coming up with the ideas of what would impact the most people. My girls wanted to build something that would help people and not necessarily be a for profit item. In the design process, building, evaluating their own work, and finally collaboration with each other.”

Middle School Teacher, Washington