Mission 1

Spinoff Scavenger Hunt²

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Search for Spinoffs in your life for a chance to win a virtual visit from NASA.

NASA technology, re-designed, solves problems and improves life in your home, neighborhood and community.

Let’s find out more about NASA Spinoffs.


              • research
                        RESEARCH - Spinoff Scavenger Hunt #1
                  • Explore the NASA Home and City website searching for NASA Spinoffs.
                    Resource: https://www.nasa.gov/homeandcity
                  • Jot down 8 - 10 Spinoffs you think you may be able to find in your home, neighborhood or community.
                    • Spend no more than 30 minutes on this first scavenger hunt.
SEEK - Spinoff Scavenger Hunt #2
    • Search for NASA Spinoffs in YOUR home, neighborhood or community.
    • Capture your discoveries by photos or sketches. Consider ways to PROVE that your photos were taken IN your home or community. No images taken from the Internet.


DESIGN - Create a Spinoff Collage
Spinoff Collage example
Spinoff Collage example
Share your findings in an image collage. Your collage must:
    • Include 8 - 10 images of Spinoffs you’ve found in your home or community.
    • Make sure each spinoff is referenced. Include sources and references.
    • Adobe Spark is available for you to create your collage. You will first need to register for NASA OPSPARC on this website. 

***Do NOT include any photos that include YOU or YOUR friends.



SHARE - Submit your Spinoff Collage to NASA OPSPARC
    • Once your collage is complete in Abobe Spark, hit the "Share" button and create a link. Copy and save this link.
    • Complete the Mission 1 Submit Entry Form and upload your Spinoff Collage on the NASA OPSPARC website. You will need to provide the link to your collage in the submission form.
    • For every collage submitted, a ticket will be entered into a drawing for a chance to receive a 30-minute virtual visit from a NASA innovator.  
Become a Spinoff expert!
Be the Spark!



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The deadline has now passed to enter Mission 1 for 2019.

The NASA OPSPARC team thanks all of the students who submitted Mission 1 projects. Check out the winners here.