What is a Spinoff?
What is NIAUniverse & InWorld?
Why is registration necessary?
Can you work independently or in teams?
How to register as a team?
How can I batch register my entire class?
Do I need to register for a new account if I registered last year?
Why do students need parent/guardian consent?
How and why do adults need to verify their identity?
What if a parent cannot give their child permission online?
If I choose credit card for my verification method, will you charge my credit card?
Can a teacher give permission to a student to enter the Challenge?
How does Adobe Spark for Education work?
If I already have an Adobe Spark account, do I still need to sign up for OPSPARC?
Why can't I log into Adobe Spark for Education?
What are the prizes?
What are the deadlines?
If students are in mixed grades, what template should they use?
How do I get the Student Design Packet and Coach Guide?
My school district wants assurance that the Adobe Spark for Education platform is compliant regarding privacy and security. Can you provide our district assurance?
How do you create your Adobe Spark page "link" to submit your entry?


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