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There’s more space in your life than you think.

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What are Spinoffs?

NASA spinoffs are technologies originally created for space and modified into everyday products used here on Earth—including memory foam, invisible braces, firefighting equipment, artificial limbs, scratch-resistant lenses, aircraft anti-icing systems, shoe insoles, water filters/purification, cochlear implants, satellite television, and long-distance telecommunications.

Space Tech  Technology Demonstration Missions

Orbital Sciences jet with rocket plane attached

Repurpose Everyday Objects:

Spinoffs “repurpose” NASA technology. Learn how to repurpose everyday materials and objects.

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Space Shuttle Endeavour prepares for launch (main image)Orbiter Midbody Umbilical Unit (inset)

NASA Kids’ Club, Space Place, and Star Child

Stay tuned into the latest NASA science discoveries and space technologies by exploring these NASA websites:

NASA Kids' Club  Space Place  Star Child
Scientist inspecting thermal blanket

Engineering Design Process

NASA’s BEST- Engineering Design Process Video Series:

The engineering design process is a series of steps that engineers use to guide them as they solve problems. Engineers must ask a question, imagine a solution, plan a design, create that model, experiment and test that model, then take time to improve the original – all steps that are crucial to mission success at NASA.

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NASA Home and City

NASA’s collaboration with commercial companies has helped bring space technology back to Earth for over 50 years.

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